me again

2016-09-12 00:36:21 by Solo28

doing more halloween stuff probably


hopefully better than last year's


i suppose we'll see :)


also mostly just wanted to make this post because i was tired of that year old one


watch me not make another post for another year

updates??? fuck that

2015-10-24 19:54:54 by Solo28

just kidding don't fuck that


haven't posted on here in a bit, because i haven't really had anything to post.

i've been posting all my inktober sketches on my instagram if you're interested in seeing that shit, links in the, well, links section.


got something planned for halloween ;) keep your eyes peeled, buddy-o's.

hey gays III: return of the gay

2015-05-11 01:03:21 by Solo28

Whipsmash is out! Cool.


Ehvent Horizon is currently in the process of being rewritten. Updates will come eventually. I can say that I'm very excited for it. It's going to be the thing we actually want to show to people, so we're taking it a bit more seriously. Get pumped, fuckers. :)

hey gays II

2015-04-22 23:32:36 by Solo28


cumming soon ;)

hey gays

2015-04-11 02:51:22 by Solo28

stick 10: ehvent horizon coming soonish

as is an original short maybe


love you <3<3<3 no i don't

i died

2015-01-16 02:20:22 by Solo28

no i didn't lol made you look


but it sure FEELS LIKE I'M DEAD

Ogres are like onions

2013-12-26 15:45:44 by Solo28

They have layers.


2008-10-11 20:44:46 by Solo28

I Dont Have Flash Guys,Help me get it